What are the Colour Trends for 2019?

What are the Colour Trends for 2019?

A colour review 2018, including what I think of Pantone Colour for 2019 – Coral, and what happened to 2018 ultra violet? Here’s my personal take on colour trends for 2018, and what colour will be hot in 2019……..

What did you think of Ultra Violet?

Looking back at last’s years colour first, ultra violet, did that enter our daily lives at all? I am not so sure that it did any more from the year before. It is there in designs involving the jungle – which is a definite hit especially if you used it in chairs and one off pieces, great as a little bit of accent colour but I can’t say that it really entered the mainstream! Richer shades of purple are definitely in use, but not particularly Ultra Violet. I suppose it was never going to be over used as it is very bright, maybe even as an accent colour it doesn’t work in many colour palettes for our homes. Not sure it works on clothing either.

Colours that trended in 2018

If anything, the colours that I saw a definite trend in was the warm side of orange – see my previous blog on this. Not used as an accent colour, but as a main colour in a design scheme. It certainly adds drama while adding warmth and I love this trend!

For 2018, I thought Gold (see previous post) would start increase in popularity, and I have definitely seen a significant increase in using a soft gold. I think soft gold will continue to increase in usage.

I can’t let a colour review of 2018 go by without mentioning yellow. Canary yellow has been a colour in clothing this year; okay I haven’t had any requests yet to use it in a home, but didn’t Ayda Field (who married George Clooney) look great at Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding? For those that can carry it off, not me, that has definitely been a fab colour to wear. Yellow is being used in the home using ochre or chanteuse shades.

So what about 2019?

So the Pantone colour of 2019 is Coral – but is it me? this colour is already on trend? Admittedly a slightly paler but I been seeing this colour in colour schemes for the last few years. However, that aside I think it will be a useful colour to use in modern schemes for some time yet. Depending on the shade, it gives warmth and optimism.

What colour do I think will trend in 2019? So much thought goes into what would be right, and there is so much choice, we are careful we want it right for us and our families. Warmth is almost always wanted at the moment, there is definitely a lot more colour in even the most neutral of schemes require a soft pastel colour or two. Floral is very much back in, along with jungle/safari animals, which brings in plenty of colour! Greys, even though its been around for some time will continue to be used for sometime yet as it just works with so much, be it bold, neutral and even traditional design schemes. If you want to keep away from grey, use soft golds and burnt orange perhaps?

The colour of the moment for 2019? well time will tell but perhaps its is time for pink? going to go with my gut feel, I think deep bold, but not too bright, pinks are going to be a trend in 2019…there again turquoise is a colour I have also seen being well used in the last couple of months…we shall see!

Let me know what you think,

Best wishes, Fran

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