Roman Blinds can be Wide and Tall!

Roman Blinds can be small to huge, narrow to wide, short or small!

I am often amazed when customers come to me and say that they have been told that you cannot have one blind for a wide window (in some cases not that wide). Having one blind on a wide window is stylish and gives impact. With the right construction and enough support, they work very well. With a chain mechanism with the correct “gearing” they are not difficult to operate. Over the years I have often gone over 3 metres and over 3 metres long, and the results have always been rewarding.

So if you have a wide window (up to 5meters), or a tall window, a short window a narrow window where you want a contemporary look of a roman blind, email or call 01483 283291.

Fran – Owner of Milloe Soft Furnishings


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