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GOLD – the new trend in Home Design for 2018?


It is said by some that gold is set to become one of the colour trends of 2018 for home interiors. There has certainly been an increase in the amount of gold in recent launch of fabric collections, a rich deep colour version becoming very prominent. The addition of gold to your colour palette brings in rich warm tones.

The more you think about Gold, the more you realise just how flexible it can be in its use.

Gold Drama

If you are looking for drama, then pairing a rich gold with a dark bold colour certainly achieves that.  To make the most of it, make sure the design is also big and bold to stand up to the colours! Take the striking black and gold design from Linwood which is the featured photo. The design has proven to be very popular. Or my other highlight this emerald and gold design from Casamance, photo below.  Both would look fabulous as either curtains or blinds.

Gold Texture

Gold can really ‘lift’ your rooms design scheme without being so bold. It is a great way of bringing a texture. Gold has never really gone away, long being a colour staple, making it a good choice if you want your design scheme to have longevity. Here are just some examples available.

As with any fabric you are considering for your home, make sure you have a decent sized sample and look at it both the day and night electric light – this is especially important for textures and shine.

Royal Gold

Not so much of a trend – but I cannot finish this article without referring to the staggering and amazing use of gold cloth at Queen Victoria’s home Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight. I was lucky enough to visit there last summer, and it is just dazzling, which is very hard to capture on a photo and this is my attempt.

This dazzling version is not an obvious choice for a home, but if you wanted to make your home regal – well why not?

So perhaps now is the time to join the Gold Rush!

Fran Bryant – Owner of Milloe Soft Furnishings

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