Come and be Inspired

There are so so many fabrics out there, finding the one for your home can be quite a task. I have a wide range of fabric sample books and hangers to look through to help with your choice. In addition, I can source fabric sampling from an even wider range. I have many years of experience of helping people through their design decisions. To look and feel the fabric is the only way to be confident in your choice, call 01483 283291 or email to make an appointment.

  • Linwood – I just love their printed velvets! Top quality in all their ranges
  • Casamance – Full of striking French design
  • Camengo – Some long lasting design
  • Anna French – stunning, just stunning!
  • Art of the Loom – from peacocks to stripes to flowers, great design
  • Pavilion Textiles – don’t know the name? They have some of the my top sellers!
  • Ashley Wilde – great variety
  • KAI fabrics – their new 2020 range is simply gorgeous!
  • Arcol – great double sided
  • Jacqueline Milton – independent design, just gorgeous
  • JAB fabrics – Huge range, from the practical to the WOW!
  • i-Liv – again a huge variety
  • and many more………